Fish Passage 2020 will be held from 28 June to 3 July 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal at the the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC).

The AMBER & FITHYDRO Event will explore the tensions caused by the need to draw water and generate hydropower from European Rivers and the impacts dams and other barriers have on ecosystems and habitats, as well as the way novel technologies and adaptive management can help restore stream connectivity in more efficient ways.

Fish Passage 2020 will verse on a wide range of topics during three days with concurrent sessions in engineering, ecohydraulics, bi­ology, management, and social issues.

The conference will fea­ture the following key themes:

  • Fish passes for non-salmonids  
  • Holistic fish passes
  • Tidal barriers and fish pass solutions 
  • Fish pass attraction 
  • Cost-effective innovations 
  • Downstream migration
  • Fish friendly turbines and guiding systems
  • Dam and other barrier removal solutions and case-studies
  • River connectivity enhancement
  • Numerical modelling and computational solutions 
  • Monitoring and technology 
  • Environmental DNA 
  • Fish migration
  • Fish swimming energetics and behavior 
  • Fish physiology
  • Decision support systems and management  approaches
  • Hydropower and fish management 
  • Ecosystem services evaluation
  • Social and economic issues associated with river connectivity 
  • Policies to improve fish passage: How are fish migration aspects incorporated into policies? 
28. Juni 2020 bis 03. Juli 2020
the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering
Avenida do Brasil, 101
1700-066 Lisboa

Please, find the contact information on the conference website.